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Recalling a time when our boat slowly bumped onto a shallow round-topped rock while we were maneuvering for a good fishing spot, I can attest to this sales point:

safety afloat

There was that fear of a cracked hull you would get with the then-prevalent wooden-hull cruisers, but in no time our boat was backed off with no damage! (OK, maybe some paint scraped off but it did no harm) The sales material goes into why…

Steel hull under construction

It also goes on to say “Every glamorous new Steel King is constructed of quality materials “By Master Boat Builders”. The hull is of 12 ga. special alloy steel all electric welded and sand blasted…She has a double chine and flared sides, making her a fast, dry boat in any kind of weather. The engine is rubber mounted and has direct internal cable controls… The fuel tank is vented overboard, and copper lines run to the engine with shut off valve… The cabin is of fine light red Philippine mahogany, finished and protected by a sealer and three coats of marine spar varnish… floor boards are coated with a preservative and covered with inlaid linoleum. Bunks and seats are upholstered with top quality embossed plastic material”

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