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1000 Islands Vacations

Here’s a list of some great 1000 Islands Vacations websites:

“Overall Category” – These sites capture the tourism angle.  They point you to scenery, events, and items of general interest to people who want to check out the area.

“Tours Category” – These sites cover the popular island scenic cruises you may want to take on your 1000 Islands vacation

“Wow, Those Pictures Are Beautiful and the Information is So Interesting! Category” – These sites serve up great photography and a recurring set of articles about the things that make the area so beautiful

  • – features the work of renowned photographer and author, Ian Coristine
  • – One of my favorites for sure, this online magazine brings articles and photographs to you on  a monthly basis.  It’s the inside story you don’t get from the tourism sites, from people who know the region best.
  • – Mike Folsom’s Shipwatcher website brings you closer to shipping activity on the St Lawrence River.  If something interesting is going on, like a ship run aground, the Shipwatcher will have the details.

“Museum Category” – These sites connect you to the top attractions in the Clayton and Alexandria Bay area, fine towns to visit on your 1000 Islands vacation.  Sure, these are the big-name tourist attractions, but they are well-represented by these sites.

  • – The Antique Boat Museum in Clayton has been around for years, and sports an amazing collection of maritime items (they say “over 300 unique and beautifully-preserved boats and thousands of recreational boating artifacts”)
  • –  Boldt Castle, an incredible structure near Alexandria Bay, as characterized by the website, “stands as a remembrance of the magnificence of a bygone era… a monument of love on Heart Island of George C. Boldt for his wife Louise”
  • – the Thousands Islands Museum, a wonderful place to reflect on the history of the Clayton area.  They say you can “discover an intriguing world of hard work and heartache, passion and patriotism, triumph and tragedy. Meet heroes and villains; explore castles and caves.”  As the site stands as of this writing, the strip of photo’s on the main page includes a neat photo of the old McCormick’s Restaurant.  I’ve had lots of meals there, and the site of the American Boat Line tour boats on the way out for a tour, as they passed by the seats in those upper windows, was quite a site!

“Last but not Least Category” – There are a lot of neat pictures and sources of 1000 Islands vacation information you can  find on the web, and to make it easy I’m providing a starter set for you…

  • Visit Pinterest and search for the term “1000 islands” (
  • Check out the Flipbook app in the iTunes Store.  Once you install it, set up a search for terms you like, such as “1000 islands” and get a daily dose of information presented to you.  For an overview of Flipboard, go to

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