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Welcome Aboard!

Hi, glad you’re here!  I spent a decade of summers at the 1000 Islands in the ’60s and still love 1000 Islands boating today.  On my site, I share recollections of the past and things I find interesting about the present around Clayton NY, Ganonoque, Alexandria Bay, Grindstone Island, and anywhere else in the 1000 Islands that I hear about.

So here are some conversation starters… Do you recall what family-themed adventure park was popular near Alexandria Bay?  The yellow restaurant that sat near the coal docks in Clayton?  The name of the American Boat Line tour boats (and do they exist today)?  What’s missing from Calumet Island that was there in the ’60s?  This, and more awaits!

I’d love to hear what you like about the 1000 Islands today, and what you recall from the past by leaving a comment on any of my posts.  I’m also on Twitter 

Welcome aboard!


P.S. I also run a site for metal detecting if you are interested in that hobby


  1. Mark Yudell says:

    Hi Mike,
    I found your site while looking for info about Calumet Island. In the later 60’s early 70’s our family kept a 42′ Owen’s cabin cruiser there for several years (name:MARIBO). I have fond memories spending many weeks of our summer vacation there. The things i remember most: the owners house, bug concrete dock for swimming, the club house, and the electric fence that surrounded the old castle, I think there were a few cows kept there…
    The beautiful cedar/mahogany boat was sold when our family moved to Israel in 1973. I miss it till today.
    Best wishes, Mark Yudell

    • Mike says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you so much for the nice comments! It sounds like our times at Calumet overlapped some, I think our last year there was 1970 or 71. At that time I don’t recall any cows or a fence around the ruins. I do remember a pig or hog one summer in the 60s, though. The MARIBO I don’t recall, where were you moored? Our boat was by the small boathouse near the water tower where the caretakers lived.
      That concrete dock was such a nice place to spend a summer day and where I really learned that I could swim unassisted, when I was paddling by a crack in the cement and saw a water snake looking at me. That freaked me into action!
      Are you still in Israel? Stay safe and thank you again so much for the comments.

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